We don't just build engines, we build MONSTERS!

Welcome to Monster Engines, where power meets precision. As a trusted family business for over 30 years, we take pride in providing our customers with nothing short of the highest quality engines available. With a steadfast commitment to uncompromising quality and a passion for serving the working class, Monster Engines is the go-to destination for those who demand engines that can keep up with their ambitions.


Great Selection of High Performance Engines

Explore the unrivaled power and performance of Monster Engines, where excellence meets innovation with our premium selection of Cummins, Duramax, Power Stroke, and Sprinter engines.

We Do Installation

Experience hassle-free engine installation at our state-of-the-art physical location, where our expert technicians ensure precision and efficiency, transforming your vehicle with the exceptional power of Monster Engines while providing a seamless and reliable service.

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Why Choose Monster?

It's in our blood.

It's in our blood. With over 30 years of experience, Monster Engines is a family business that takes quality seriously and provides customers with the highest quality engines in the industry. Investing in our team and utilizing top-of-the-line equipment and CNC machines like Rottler, Hass, Sunnen, and more, we build extraordinary engines for extraordinary people. From humble beginnings in a small storage shed, Dave and his children worked tirelessly to expand the business 33,000 square foot facility it is today. Now, as the second generation takes the reins, Miles and Joey are determined to share their engine expertise and passion with the world, offering customers nothing but the best.