6.6 Liter Duramax Juggernaut


Availability: 16-20 weeks

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Availability: 16-20 weeks


Stock Build

Without compromise, you still get the “Monster Engine” expert touch and care with our stock builds. Built to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications, and machined in some of the nicest Rottler CNC equipment offered, All engine blocks are align honed, CNC bored and torque plate honed, complete cylinder head valve grind and surfaces decked. Built with near identical weight piston and connecting rods, clevite and mahle internals, melling or cummins oil pump, then assembled and tested to ensure proper compression, oil pressure and rotational friction. You need a quality, reliable build, and we can deliver that right to your door.

Tow Monster

You buy a cummins for it’s reliability and amazing torque, we’ve just given you more of both with our 5.9L Cummins tow monster. We install a Hamilton cams Towing and Efficiency camshaft, which decreases smoke, increases fuel economy, and drops your EGT’s (exhaust gas temperature) approximately 150 degrees, and just gives your truck more of a kick to keep up with the demand you want. We O-Ring the cylinder heads, and clamp it down with cylinder head studs to help prevent head gasket failure.

Tow Monster plus

It includes the speed of air pistons with total seal gapless 2nd ring!

Get more details in this video: