Why Choose

Monster Engines


Here's Why

We don't mess around when it comes to quality and providing our customers with the highest quality engines around. As a family business of over 30 years, we've invested in our team and process, and they use some of the best equipment and CNC machines in the industry like Rottler, Hass, Sunnen and many others. We build “extraordinary” engines for “extra”ordinary people.

With our now second generation run family business we’ve proven that we don’t mess around when it comes to precision, and don’t compromise on quality. We’ve always built for the working class, people that make things happen and need an engine to keep up.

It's in our blood

Dave started the business back in 1990 in a small storage shed with a spray painted sign reading - Dave's Auto -. His children grew up working alongside him, doing everything from sweeping and mopping the floors, to rebuilding cylinder heads in the infinite stages of the machine shop. The passion was not only in their DNA, but molded by also putting their time and energy into helping the business from this young age.

In 1995  our current location was purchased, and then expanded 10 years later to be 16,000 square feet. With the growth of Monster Engines and the original business, we've now expanded and acquired the building next door to be a total of 33,000 square feet.

After 30+ years of being in business, Miles and Joey want to share their engine experience and passion with the world. Monster engines may be a new name, but their experience, passion, and quality are deeply rooted and here to serve our customers the best engines around.